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FACTDROP: Macedonia calls EU to announce Greece bankruptcy


Macedonia calls EU to announce Greece bankruptcy

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Oct 14 2011

(SKOPJE) - Macedonia's Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski called on the European Union Friday to announce bankruptcy for Greece as the border between the two uneasy neighbours was closed for vehicle traffic.

"Greece is in a great chaos ... and it is obvious that Europe has so far failed to find a good solution," Stavreski, also the country's deputy Prime Minister, told reporters.

"It would be better for Europe to officially announce (Greece) bankruptcy, which is certain, as soon as possible," Stavreski said.

Stavreski's comments came as several border posts between Greece and Macedonia -- at odds for two decades in a name row -- were closed to traffic due to a Greek customs strike.

It is possible to cross the border only by foot.

Stavreski said Macedonia was suffering serious damage due to the closing of the borders, which "no one will pay us for."

"Bankruptcy will stabilise the market and without it, the uncertainty in the region will not disappear," he said

The Macedonian-Greek border has been blocked for 80 days in total this year, with the Macedonian economy's losses estimated at about 15 million euros ($20.6 millon dollars).

Skopje obtained EU candidacy status in 2005 but its negotiations to join the EU have been blocked by Greece.

Athens insists that the name Macedonia implies a territorial claim on its province of the same name, while Skopje insists the name is essential to its identity.

The issue arose after Macedonia proclaimed independence from former Yugoslavia in 1991. UN mediation has so far been fruitless.

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