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FACTDROP: European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report (2015)


European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report (2015)

Πηγή: Europole
6 Jule 2015
"Islamic State and al-Qaeda affiliated groups have the intent, capability and resources to carry out terrorist attacks against the EU and the West. A significant number of terrorist plots were thwarted by EU Member States in 2014. Furthermore, the current nature of the threat posed by religiously inspired terrorism (or where religious radicalisation appears to have played a role) was evidenced by a number of completed attacks committed in the EU during the reporting period. Despite the struggle between AQ and the IS in Syria and theb surrounding region, European-based individuals and networks - affiliated with either side - are more likely to engage in pragmatic collaboration where deemed necessary back on home soil. The tendency for home grown groups to join together under the common objectives of the ‘global Jihad’, inspired by the variety of international terrorist groups, is likely to continue."

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