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FACTDROP: UPD 1 - Plan "Pythia 1": Kill the Greek Prime Minister


UPD 1 - Plan "Pythia 1": Kill the Greek Prime Minister


According to the "Epikaira" magazine (Num. 87) siting a classified document of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) a group of twenty persons was acting in Athens according to a plan named "Pythia 1" with the objective of murdering the Greek Prime Minister K. Karamanlis back in 2008. As this magazine is far from any kind of conspiracy theories providing a rather good quality of well documented information this disclosure is a worth reading one. The whole incident according to this article had to do with the annihilation of Karamanlis policy intending to build strategic alliance with Russia on the energy sector of Greece. The four axis of the plan was the political destabilization using the "Batopaidi" scandal (a case of illegal shelling of church property in Chalkidiki), the destabilization in the business field materialized by downgrading the country's economy using any means including the kidnapping of prominent businessmen, the destabilization of the society including terroristic actions and finally putting obstacles in any improvement of Greece's place in the international arena including even the continuation of the need for visa to visit the US for the Greek citizens. It must be underlined that the whole report is coming from the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and according to the Greek NIS's comment could be a case of misinformation. Nevertheless it fits well enough as the new Prime Minister Mr. Papandreou urgently denounced the Bourgas - Alexandoupoli gas line project in his pre - election declarations while Mr. Karamanlis disappeared abruptly from the political stage as soon as he lost the elections not even attempting to defend himself from the accusations that rendered him the sole responsible for the present economic tragedy.

A counter - surveillance team following Mr. Karamlis confronted for some seconds with the "Pythia's" members, two well fit Greek - speaking persons that managed to escape on a motorcycle leaving behind a blue Van  (Ford Transit type) which contained maps of the Prime Minister's usual routes, numbers of the plates of his secret escort, weapons, night - vision binoculars, telecommunication equipment and explosive material (C-4) that is not to be found in the domestic market and has never been used by any local terrorists. According to the FSB's report the plan was designed from the West Intelligence Services including Mossad. 

In spite that the Us Ambassador in Greece Mr. Speckhard on February 2008 said that there was not any problem with the Greece - Russia rapprochement according to Weakyleaks he was worried as he commented on the issue in a 2007 telegraph saying: "... our hope that EU institutions will rigorously require EU member states to consider and justify how their rhetorical (and sometimes more) support for South Stream meshes with the EU's overarching security need for Nabucco.". Furthermore in another telegraph (2007) printed in "TA NEA" newspaper he expressed his deep worries that the growing relations between Karamanlis and Putin could even lead Greece closer to Iran.

UPD 1 - Feb 16 2013

According to to the "Epikaira" magazine (Num. 174) the judicial authorities investigating the case after the crucial testimony of the chief of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) Mr. John Corantis who certified that the Prime Minister was kept under surveillance by twenty foreign agents and Greek thugs. As for his safety Mr. Karamanlis was forced to quit his usual long walks and he was confined home. The investigation which initially was conducted by two prosecutors Mr. Drosoulias and Mr. Ornerakis as they existed two different cases: The destabilizing effort and attempted murder, now are merging to one. Those two cases were in advance combined with the case of interceptions and the Drosulias’ findings. All this is an indication that the prosecutor of the Supreme Court believes that behind those actions there is the same agent. It is noted that Drosulias in his report refers to the offense of aggravated espionage naming two Americans Mr. Paul Johnson and Barney Nathan who along with a Greek accomplish they had bought the phone cards. Additionally on February of 2009 NIS informed officially the administration that the Prime Minister was under surveillance on his daily route.

The whole case is pointing to an attempt by the United States to annul the contract between Greece and Russia on the South Stream gas pipeline. Mr. Papandreou on his pre-election speech was fast to declare that he was eager to renegotiate any agreement after his election. Interestingly at present US and Europe are pressing the Greek government to avoid shelling the gas and oil state companies to the Russian firms that offer almost the triple amount of money from the other candidates.

Lastly it is again through the Russian money laundering that the EU is pressuring on Cyprus forgetting about Luxemburg or Switzerland the heavens of laundering just in the hart of Europe.

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