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FACTDROP: China commissions world's longest gas pipeline


China commissions world's longest gas pipeline

Πηγή: TNIE
Dec 30 2012

China's west to east gas pipeline, which is the world's longest line, turned fully operational as its last section opened Sunday, the country's largest oil and gas producer announced.

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) said the 8,704-km pipeline will carry natural gas from central Asia to as far as Shanghai in east China and Guangzhou and Hong Kong in south China, Xinhua reported.

The pipeline worth 142 billion-yuan (over $22 billion) traverses 15 provincial regions and will benefit about 500 million people, according to the CNPC.

The pipeline's annual natural gas transportation capacity is 30 billion cubic metres. It runs from Huoerguosi, located on the China-Kazakhstan border in northwest Xinjiang Uygur region, to Hong Kong.

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