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FACTDROP: Media: the United States will give Azerbaijan the Northern area of Iran in exchange for participation in war


Media: the United States will give Azerbaijan the Northern area of Iran in exchange for participation in war

Πηγή: StratRisks
August 28 2012

Editor’s Note: This is a serious case of entangled alliances, carving up Iran to win the war. What about the Kurds and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict with Armenia? Neither Syria, nor Iran is worth all this trouble. A nuclear arms race is already beginning in the Middle East regardless of if Iran develops nukes or not. It seems that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and other nations would rather spend their oil profits on hardware than to rely on the US. Any military can have its strength diffused when their focus is too expansive. Their hands are in far too many pies. –Michael Vail

The belief of some experts in the United States are ready to attach to the Azerbaijan territory of northern Iran, populated by ethnic Azeris in exchange for participation in a military operation against Iran on the West, has found a new confirmation.

As “Rosbalt” with reference to Baku Trend news Agency, the United States State Department acknowledged receipt of the letter from Congresswoman Dana Rohrabacher addressed to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the need to support the struggle for independence of southern Azerbaijan from Iran and the possibility of unification with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

This was reported at the briefing by State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland. According to her, she replied to a letter from the Congressman, but details of the correspondence will not be made public. “We are in favour of the principle of territorial integrity,” said Nuland, replying to a question by journalists about the possibility of United States support of the struggle for independence of southern Azerbaijan.

In the North of Iran in the region with its centre in the city of Tabriz is home to several times more than ethnic Azeris in Azerbaijan. Amid plans for Iran’s territory into several States in the United States and Israel are increasingly talking about them like “bruised minority.” In fact, Azeris are well represented in the Iranian elites. So, the spiritual leader of Iran , Ayatollah Khamenei is an ethnic Azerbaijani.

First Iranian land called “Southern Azerbaijan Parliament in Baku in the year 2012. This happened after the deterioration of relations of Tehran and Baku against the backdrop of besprecedentyh supply in Azerbaijan Israeli military equipment and arms and sharp deterioration of bilateral relations. Thus Parliament hinted at a possible Iranian connection section of part of its territory.

According to some British and Israeli media, Israel back in 2011, agreed to use, Soviet air forces for refueling airfields located in Azerbaijan, near the border with Iran, said “Rosbalt”.

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