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FACTDROP: US Special Forces May be Put Under CIA in Afghanistan


US Special Forces May be Put Under CIA in Afghanistan

Πηγή: TOLOnews
March 4 2012

Top US military officials are considering whether to put elite special forces under CIA control similar to the way in which they were used in the operation to kill Osama bin Laden last May, the AP reported.

In this way, the US could say there are no special forces left on the ground in Afghanistan because once Navy Seals, Rangers and other elite units are assigned to the CIA, even temporarily, they become spies, the AP said.

Unidentified sources told the AP this is one of a range of scenarios being discussed by Pentagon officials. Pentagon spokesman George Little denied the idea is being considered, the AP said.

Handing over much of the combat to special operations troops would help the US shrink its presence in Afghanistan in time to meet the Obama government's 2014 deadline.

However, a CIA-led conflict would mean the US public would not be told about funding or operations.

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