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FACTDROP: Pakistan won't give US bases to attack Iran


Pakistan won't give US bases to attack Iran

Πηγή: PakTribune
Feb 18 2012

ISLAMABAD: A clear message has been given to the United States through the trilateral summit that Pakistan will support Iran in case of any possible aggression against it.

Moreover, Pakistan has clearly affirmed that the US will not be allowed to set up any airbases in Pakistan with the purpose of attacking Iran. The joint declaration further reflects this message as it says: "Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan will ensure respect of territorial sovereignty of each other and would not allow any threat emanating from their respective territories against each other".

Experts say that the US has been demanding facilities in Pakistan against the nuclear programme of Iran for the last several years. The trilateral summit between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan has several distinctive features as this meeting is being held at a time when both Pakistan and Iran are under considerable pressure from the US. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited the atomic reactor of Iran near Tehran on Wednesday before leaving for Pakistan to attend the trilateral summit. Following the Osama raid back in May, Pakistan too has remained under significant American pressure.

In the joint press conference held following the summit, Presidnet Ahmadinejad confidently reiterated that foreign interference was involved in the problems facing the region. It is interesting to note that both President Zardari and his Afghan counterpart expressed their views in English, but the Iranian president chose to speak in his mother tongue. Nejad took questions in English, but gave the replies in Persian.


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