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FACTDROP: New austerity bill passed through the Greek Parliament


New austerity bill passed through the Greek Parliament

Amidst of a rally of protests against the pact of the new austerity measures and fires that had been put on various buildings in the center of the tear gas smelling Athens, the new memorandum was voted late night in the Greek Parliament. It was backed by PASOK, ND and the DC, though some MPs from the first two parties had refused to vote it.

In a recent poll conducted by RASS, PASOK gets 6,7%, ND 21,4% and DC 1,9%, comprising a total of 30% (while 20% don’t know yet what they will vote). At the same time a 48,1% prefers a default.

ND’s president Samaras asked for elections as soon as the PSI will be accomplished. It must be noted that according to the current electoral laws the coalitions among the parties is too difficult to occur as in the process they loose the 50 seats bonus that enjoys the first party. Nevertheless, a majority government based on a single party is not in the horizon.

It remains to be seen how this (in fact minority) vote will bind the future political stage that will be formed after the (repeated) forthcoming elections provided that on Saturday the Scientific Service of the Parliament reported that there are unconstitutional measures in this second memorandum..

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