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FACTDROP: Rep's of Turkish Parliamentary Committees: Turkey Part of Conspiracy against Syria


Rep's of Turkish Parliamentary Committees: Turkey Part of Conspiracy against Syria

Πηγή: SANA
By R. Raslan and M. Ismael
Jan 23 2012

Representatives of some Parliamentary Committees in Turkey stressed that Syria is facing an Imperialist conspiracy, adding that Turkey constitutes part of this conspiracy for hosting armed men.

Following up the situation in the border areas, the representatives indicated to the suffering of people living there who complained about a decline in their economic life because of the stance taken by the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan government towards Syria which affected the relations between the two countries.

Sena Kaleli, Head of the Parliamentary Committee assigned by the Turkish Republican People's Party to inspect the economic and social situation in Antakya, said that the committee met huge numbers of citizens and representatives of civil society, associations and trade unions and listened to their complaints about the decline in the economic situation as tension between Syria and Turkey increases.

She stressed that hundreds of Turkish companies and citizens went bankrupt as the trade flow between the two countries halted.

Kaleli underlined the suffering of Antakya inhabitants because of the support provided by the Turkish security to the people in camps set up on the borders with Syria as the latter attack the Turks, steal their money and incite sectarianism in the region, adding that those, who are called by the Turkish authorities "the displaced Syrians", attacked a retired parliamentary member.

Another parliamentary committee visited the camps with a member of the committee, Rafik Yilmaz, indicating that Turkey is now part of the conspiracy aiming to undermine Syria as it hosts those who target it.

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