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FACTDROP: Papadimos Government Swears In – FM Venizelos Stays Put


Papadimos Government Swears In – FM Venizelos Stays Put

Πηγή: Greek Reporter
By Emmanouela Seiradaki
Nov 11 2011

So, after more meetings and consultations the new Prime Minister Lucas Papademos and representatives of the three parties (PASOK, New Democracy,LAOS) finalized the composition of the crisis cabinet which counts 48 (!) members-so much about the flexible cabinet Papadimos hoped for- as ND, PASOK and LAOS tried to squeeze in as many ministers as they could! Allegedly, new PM Lucas Papademos was adding and deleting names from the government list until 3 a.m. last night!

The government consists of 48 people: PASOK (Socialists) has 38 officials, Nea Dimocratia (Conservative) 6 and LAOS (far-right) 4. In an obvious attempt to please everyone, some ministries have representatives of all three parties, like the Ministry of Defence where the Minister is from ND, the two alternates are from PASOK and LAOS, and the deputy Minister comes from PASOK!

PASOK Oldies

The majority of PASOK ministers stay right where they were with Evangelos Venizelos and Theodore Pangalos both remaining Deputy premiers. Mr. Venizelos also remains Finance Minister.

Dimitris Reppas (Minister for the Interior, Decentralization and Electronic Governance), Anna Diamantopoulou (Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs), Andreas Loverdos (Minister for Health and Social Solidarity), Michael Chrysochoidis (Minister for the Competitiveness and Shipping), George Papakonstantinou (Minister for the Environment, Energy and Climate Change), Κοstas Skandalidis (Minister for Rural Development and Food), Pavlos Geroulanos (Minister for Culture and Tourism) and Christos Papoutsis (Citizen Protection Minister) all stay put.

John Ragousis is transferred to the Ministry of Defence under new Minister Dimitris Avramopulos from ND and Mrs. Fofi Gennimata is transferred as Deputy Minister to the interior ministry.

ND and LAOS Newbies

Both ND Deputy leaders were given ministries, as Dimitris Avramopoulos is the new Defence Minister and Mr. Stavros Dimas, a former European commissioner is the new foreign minister. Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos is the Alternate Minister in the Ministry of Education, Yiannis Mourmouras is appointed as Deputy Minister under Evangelos Venizelos in the Ministry of Finance. Finaly, Petros Alivizatos is appointed Deputy Minister (Tourism). Dimitris Vartzopoulos Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Health under Andreas Loverdos.

FromLAOS: Makis Voridis is the new Infrastructure Transport and Networks Minister, George Georgiou is the Alternate Minister in the Ministry of Defence, Adonis Georgiadis is the Deputy Minister for Shipping, and Asteris Rontoulis is the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

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