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FACTDROP: British Foreign Office: Prepare For Riots If The Euro Collapses


British Foreign Office: Prepare For Riots If The Euro Collapses

Πηγή: The Blaze
28 Nov 2011

Channel 4 (UK):

You would expect the Foreign Office mandarins to be prepared for every eventuality – but here’s a doomsday scenario which might just happen.

British embassies are now taking active steps to prepare for the possibility of the euro collapsing – something that’s no longer as inconceivable as it once was.

The Foreign Office is preparing contingency plans to help expats from the Costa del Sol and the Algarve who could be stranded without cash – or caught up in riots and civil unrest.


As every major developed economy hits Bass’s Keynesian Endgame, the status quo is set to change dramatically. Nowhere is this climax playing out louder than in Europe and the implicit solution of Germany-uber-alles (while seemingly inevitable though nevertheless lengthy in execution) is likely to not sit well with many of the EMU nations. To wit, The Telegraph today reports that Britain’s Foreign Office is advising its overseas embassies to draw up plans to help expats should the collapse of the Euro turn explosive. Almost incredibly, a senior minister has revealed that Britain is now planning on the basis that a euro collapse is matter of time.

Students march with home-made placards during a demonstration in Madrid Thursday Nov. 17, 2011. The students are protesting education cuts after enduring nearly two years of recession prompted in part by the collapse of a real estate bubble. Spain's economy has 21.5 unemployment, posted zero growth in the third quarter and is not expected to improve much next year.It is the periodic focus of fears it will be the next euro zone country to require a bailout, after Greece, Ireland and Portugal. (AP Photo/Paul White)

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