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FACTDROP: Syrian Muslim Brothers demand Turkey to recognize NTC


Syrian Muslim Brothers demand Turkey to recognize NTC

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By  E.Kosolapova
Oct 13 2011

Syria's Muslim Brothers demand Turkey to recognize the National Transitional Council.

"Turkey should recognize the National Transitional Council as legitimate body and break all diplomatic relations with President Bashar al-Asad's regime," the leader of the Syrian Muslim Brothers Muhammad Riyad al Shaqfa said, Nahar newspaper reported.

The Syrian opposition opposes any foreign interference in the affairs of the country, Al-Shafca added.

Yesterday Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that ongoing events in Syria are far from being the country's internal affair.

The Transitional National Council was formed by regime's opponents. The opposition is demanding the resignation of Syria's President Asad and for political reforms.

Mass protests in Syria began in mid March in Dera'a, in the country's south, then spreading to other regions. According to the UN, there are 3,600 people dead.

Turkey should stop fomenting conflict in Syria and supplying weapons to armed groups in the country Syrian Presidential Adviser Buseyna Shaaban said erlier.

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