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FACTDROP: Protester dies in Athens


Protester dies in Athens

According to “exo thema” news a 53 years old protester died in the hospital. The cause of his death is disputed as there are two versions. The first one is that he had hurt problems that got much worst due to the chemicals released by the police during the clashes of today’s second demonstration against the voting of the new austerity measures. The second is that the ‘usual’ anarchists – coined as the known-unknown - wearing masks, clashed with the members of the left wing “PAME” and someone threw a stone to his head.

Greece will not meet its 7.8% deficit target for this year, despite the new austerity measures announced by the Greek government recently. The European Union and IMF's "troika" released a report in which they recommend paying out a six tranche as soon as possible but also “as soon as the agreed prior actions on fiscal consolidation, privatization and labor market reform, which were announced by the government, have been legislated".

As Athens is been paralyzed for the second day and the austerity bill is on the voting Parliamentary procedure, a man lost his life and the rest is keeping loading more and more debt on their backs as the EU in its effort to find a way out, gains more time to avoid the possible domino effect that will have the inevitable Greece’s default.

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