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FACTDROP: Greek Mission to Shrink the Public Sector Accomplished


Greek Mission to Shrink the Public Sector Accomplished

It was last year when among rumors that the public sector in Greece is overloaded were spread from different mouths claiming that their actual number is between 1 and 1,5 million. The government announced that every public worker should submit his personal info if he wished to remain in the payroll in order to count them properly. The result have revealed that their total is 768.009. In fact, according to the report titled "The size and performance of public sector activities in Europe» conducted by four researchers of the Strasbourg University, Greece's public sector is 11,4% of the total working force putting Greece in the 15th place among 17 European countries.

Furthermore, as you can see at the following table Greece's total government expenditure as a % of the GDP is not too high as it was supposed.

It is worth noting that the most well paid public workers belong to the Ministry of Economics where the new employees get a 40% bigger salary than the average of anyone in any other ministry. While the lowest monthly salary is 751 euros (for those above 25 years old) the members of the Parliament enjoy 6,700 euros monthly on the average and the famous "asset means declaration" that was promised by many subsequent governments remains still an improbability. Meanwhile the average pension is up to 617 euros when the 50% of the pensioners get less than 500 euros and only a 14% over 1,000 per month. Finally, keep in mind that in many cases the procedure of denationalizing turns to be very expensive. For instance the "OTE" National Telecommunications Company went under the procedure of privatization on 1999 which was accomplished by 2008. The cost of the advisor companies (like Morgan Stanley, Deutsch Bank, EFG Eurobank) came up to 41,712,354 euros.

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