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FACTDROP: 140 people detained in gas-bomb attack in Istanbul


140 people detained in gas-bomb attack in Istanbul

Sep. 18 2011

The number of detainees rose to 140 in Istanbul where police terrorized today with gas bombs. Among the detainees are also reported BDP District Chairs and members of the Women’s Council and a citizen Hıdır Maya who suffers from skin cancer and diabets. The names of 45 detainess have been announced till now.

140 people have been taken into custody today in Istanbul as a result of the police intervention before the press statement organized to protest the isolation of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan and the increasing operations.

Denying permission to the press statement at Taksim Square by the BDP Provincial Organization, the police attack on demonstrators wasn't any different from images of an emergency state. On the other hand, the sit-in action at Taksim Square, where a group of members including MP Sebahat Tuncel managed to reach was attacked by police with gas bombs.

Meanwhile, another group including MP Sırrı Süreyya Önder started to walk to the BDP Provincial building close to the Tarlabaşı Square where they were similarly attacked by police with gas bombs. BDP members therewith responded to the police with stones.

Making a short statement behind the police barricade here, BDP MP Önder showed strong reaction to police and expressed that they faced this arbitrary treatment of police despite the lack of any obstacle to the demonstration within the framework of the present laws. Önder said; “Identities are collected, people are taken to blacklist and taken into custody when it comes to Kurds. And as you see now, they are isolating us from the mass and they name this as advanced democracy. It is quite obvious who is for peace and who is for war.”

While clashes with police ended after a while, Beyoğlu District Security Directorate Security Director, involved in the interference, announced that 121 people were taken into custody.

On the other hand, many people were wounded and taken to hospitals as a result of the strong police interference.

BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Istanbul MP Sebahat Tuncel was also taken to hospital suffering from respiratory difficulties after police violently attacked the demonstration with excessive gas bombs.

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