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FACTDROP: UPDATE: BICC’s Global Militarization Index (GMI) 2012


UPDATE: BICC’s Global Militarization Index (GMI) 2012

Πηγή: Bonn International Center for Convertion

The Global Militarization Index (GMI) depicts the relative weight and importance of the military apparatus of one state in relation to its society as a whole. For this, the GMI records a number of indicators to represent the degree of militarization of a country:

•  the comparison of military expenditures  with its gross domestic product (GDP) and its
health expenditure (as share of its GDP);

•  the contrast between the total number of (para)military forces and the number of
physicians and the overall population;

•  the ratio of the number of heavy weapons available and the number of the overall

Update GMI 2012 Fact Sheet e Neu

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