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FACTDROP: Iran to unveil satellite space center soon


Iran to unveil satellite space center soon

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Feb 9 2012

Iran will unveil satellite space center in the beginning of next Iranian year (starts on March 21), Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said, ISNA reported.

Vahidi added that work on the center is complete by 75 percent.

"We hope that next year we will be able to put it into operation," he added.

Vahidi also said that Iran plans to establish a test area for space engines. The area is to be constructed by country's scientists, and is planned to be put into operation next year.

A few days ago Iran successfully launched its domestically-built Navid-e Elm-o Sanat satellite into orbit by a decree issued by iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The satellite launch was timed to the Fajr celebrations and Iran's national day of space technology. According to Iranian officials, the launched satellite is a 50 kg Navid-e Elm-o Sanat microsatellite, with a built-in computer system that can be remotely controlled from Earth.

Iran's aerospace officials had previously spoken of the 2012 launch of Zafar (Triumph) - another satellite that weighs 90 kilograms and is scheduled to revolve around the globe in an elliptical orbit of 500 kilometers.

Iran launched its first domestically-produced satellite Omid (Hope) in 2009, an endeavor which made it the ninth country having the capability to launch satellites.

Iran is one of the 24 founding members of the United Nations' Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, which was set up in 1959.

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