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FACTDROP: Libya foils Gaddafi supporters plot to blow up Tripoli power grid


Libya foils Gaddafi supporters plot to blow up Tripoli power grid

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By Katerina Nikolas
Jan 2 2012

Tripoli - Former rebel militia in Libya ignore calls to disarm and disband as they continue to seek out former Gaddafi loyalists. Now militia groups claim they have captured nine Gaddafi supporters who were plotting to blow up Tripoli's power grid.

A group of Libyan militia claim to have foiled a plan by supporters of ex-leader Muammer Gaddafi, to blow up Tripoli's power grid on New Year's Eve. Arab News reported that Abdullah Naker, Commander of Tripoli's Revolutionist Council, said nine Gaddafi supporters had been captured. Naker stated
"We seized explosives with them that they bought from the black market and now we're interrogating them."Naker attested that the captured men belonged to a group receiving financial support from a. group of businessmen loyal to Gaddafi, who are also intent on relaunching the former official television station Al Jamahiriya.
Groups of militia comprising former rebels have ignored directives from the National Transitional Council to disarm and disband. Aljazeera reported that there are complaints from Tripoli residents who feel the milita have over stayed their welcome in Tripoli and are more intent on terrorising the local population than anything else.

Naker claims that groups of militia maintain a show of strength to deter Gaddafi supporters.

According to Libya 360 any known Gaddafi loyalists who have not managed to escape Libya have to stay hidden as groups of armed militia are intent on hunting them down and exterminating them. Increasingly there are moves to dislodge anyone who was once seen to be a Gaddafi supporter from positions of influence in the country.

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