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FACTDROP: Libya: Democracy by design


Libya: Democracy by design

It was meant to be done.

The spirit of freedom and democracy won again a harsh battle against a blood-thirsty dictator. The West powers including US and NATO have implemented their obligation of preventing a massacre of innocent civilians who faced death from tanks, helicopters operating heavy machine-guns, chemical weapons, snipers, battle planes, anti- aircraft machines, rapes after usage of Viagra and well paid mercenaries.

Well, not exactly... It seems that some of those threats were rather a part of propaganda.
The (in)famous Viagra usage and the subsequent rapes were a "404 error" screen shot as Amnesty Internationa testified, the usage of chemical weapons is rather dismissed and the actual indiscriminate air-bombing of protest civilians being the most crucial element for the imposition of the regime change to protect civilians operation remain largely unproved. Even the thousands mercenaries lastly is believed that there were not so many...

But lets have a glimpse at the future. Ironically, Sharia will be the new law foundation in the democratic Libya, while back in US, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is striving to convince people that the Sharia law is not a threat to the US secular legal system.
Meanwhile, the democratic rebels have already twice brutally abused by any means every dark skinned African move around betraying a well established racism that was suppressed under the regime's iron fist.
Now that Gaddafi elapsed, there is no unifying element as a common cause between the rebels. Obviously there are many different views and conflicting interests inside the self-appointed interim government and the final outcome is unknown.
There are many different armed militia and one can safely assume that most of them are youngsters at the age of 23 which are not hesitant to use the power of gunpoint for looting. Finally there are two issues that have already disappeared form the news spot-light, namely the number of civilians that have died under the UN operations combined with the rebels' retaliations as the fate of the regime's supporters. 

Experience shows that in identical situations the accusation of "regime supporter" is often used to serve personal interests or antagonisms. On top of this the possibility of random unauthorized executions covered under the smoke screen of the dark skinned Africans sufferings should not be excluded. Squeakers are plenty after a war.

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