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FACTDROP: Report: Germany spying on Netanyahu, US military


Report: Germany spying on Netanyahu, US military

Netanyahu and Merkel in Berlin

Πηγή: Israel International News
By David Rosenberg
April 2 2016

German newspaper reveals that BND spy agency keeping tabs on Israeli Prime Minister, US military, and other friendly governments.

The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany’s federal intelligence agency, has been spying on Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for years, according to a report publicized Saturday in the Der Spiegelmagazine.

Israel was not the only friendly nation targeted by the BND’s spying activities. The report reveals that along with the Israeli Prime Minister, Germany’s top intelligence service also kept tabs on government ministries, militaries, and international organizations around the globe.

The United States Air Force, NASA, and US State Department were reportedly all targets of the BND’s spying operation.

Government ministers in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Austria were also on the BND’s list, along with the International Monetary Fund.

Saturday's report is hardly the first evidence of friendly nations spying on one another.

In 2013 German Chancellor Angela Merkel called President Obama demanding an explanation following reports that the US had been tapping into her telephone conversations.

In December 2015 the Wall Street Journal revealed that NSA hadc ontinued its spying program on Netanyahu, despite a 2013 pledge by President Obama to halt monitoring activities on friendly heads of state.

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